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Why Transformer Oil Testing Is So Important

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If your business has one or more transformers, then you should know that proper inspections, testing, and more are very important. You might already know about inspecting the outside of the transformer to look for visible issues, but you might not know that you should take samples of your oil from time to time and send them to a transformer oil testing service. However, transformer oil testing is very important for pretty much any business that has transformers to take care of. Some of the reasons why transformer oil testing services are so valuable are listed here.

Get Better Insight Into the Condition of Your Transformer

Of course, there are a variety of different ways that you can look for problems with your transformer, and you should make use of all of these methods so that you can ensure that your transformer is in top-notch shape. One surprising way that you can get better insight into the condition of your transformer is to have testing done on the oil that your transformer has been using. It might not really seem like this will be very helpful, but the test results can provide you with a surprising amount of insight and information.

For example, you can look for signs of abnormal electrical or thermal activity with your transformer by having oil testing done. Oil testing can help you watch out for particles in the oil, which could be a sign that there is something wrong with your transformer. You can show the results from your transformer oil testing to a transformer repair technician, and they can get an idea of whether or not your transformer needs repair. Then, they can make any repairs that might be necessary so that you can keep your transformer in good shape, hopefully for a long time to come.

Determine the Condition of Your Oil

It is important to keep good-quality oil in your transformer at all times. Of course, you probably don't want to replace your oil before you have to, since this can lead to oil waste and can be a big and unnecessary expense. You can avoid replacing your transformer oil prematurely -- all while making sure it's still in good condition -- by having it tested.

If you haven't been having transformer oil testing done, then you are making a mistake with the ownership and maintenance of a transformer. Have transformer oil testing done sometime soon to enjoy the benefits above and more.